Family Photographer in Riga
Meaningful pictures…


Nadya Rubina, family and child photographer in Riga..


Fun and cheerful family, child, maternity photoshoots outdoors and in a studio!

Home lifestyle photoshoots in case your child has just born or you are pregnant.

Call me or message me if you have a story to tell.


An individual approach to every client and each picture. A Well-thought-through process from the moment of applying to your shoot till the moment you get the final product.


I believe that one can do good only something you truly see point in.

I belive that photography is one of the most powerful ways to speak about people feelings.

I believe that we shouldn’t devied feelings as positive and negative. Either of them are important

This is why I tell stories with my photographs. The stories that reflect feelings.

Authentic stories — Your own stories, only those truly mean something.

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